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By Mark Snyder, Gatehouse Media Columnist






Take a look at your neighbors and friends. Many are supplementing their income with the oldest profession—prostitution. An investigation of ads in Craigslist, an online classified ads site, and The Boston Phoenix, found housewives—many with young children in the home—turning tricks for $100 and up, in locations like Randolph, Canton, Weymouth and Quincy.


For example, Dee, a single mom living in an apartment in Canton, bills herself as a “mom next door” that will help you de-stress. The overweight mother of a twelve year old, claims to be drug, alcohol and disease free. When the Web spoke to her, the 37-year old 5’9 (“with a few extra pounds in the right places”) was meeting with a client, while her daughter was in her own room with the door shut. Dee can make an extra $300 a day, seeing a few clients. “It helps pay the bills,” she told me, adding that she had “a real job in the business world, as well.”


Cristal is an attractive blonde in Walpole, who also works out of Attleboro in a friend’s place. She says she’s “clean, classy and prompt”, drives herself to “dates”, and even has a website on the internet. She, like everyone else I spoke with, does their business on cell phones, uses fake names, and is a part of the outside world that has no clue about her “other life.” Cristal is 21 and has attended college.


Mistress L, who worked in Sandwich but has since relocated, ran a dungeon in her home. Set up in the space of her garage, she told me none of her neighbors had any clue of her “real” profession. She was a member of the local Chamber of Commerce in the “vanilla” world. Yet, men paid up to $250 per hour to be “tortured” by her. She noted that she has never had sex with a client. “That is for my boyfriend only. The other is just business.” Mistress L, who is in her late 30’s, became known internationally by another name, which out of discretion I shall not print. She made her mark “training horses”, a euphemism for men staying in horse stalls, being given bridles and saddles, and “ridden” around the farm. Yes, all that for $250 an hour. To each his own, I guess.


Jasmine is a 26 year old single mom in Braintree. She’s been working the classifieds for a couple of years and is not ashamed of how she makes her living. “I provide a needed service. Most of the men who visit me are married. If they are not getting it at home, they seek people like me out. If we weren’t available, some of these men could hurt people out of frustration. “Jazzy”, who graduated college with a psychology major, says most men are nice. “They’re just lonely.” So, for $125, she shares a half hour of her time.


Julie, a 19 year old Braintree resident, says she doesn’t have enough time in the day. When I initially tried to place a call to Julie, her answering machine was full---for a week. When I was finally able to speak with her, she was preparing for a visitor. “I try to date only in the afternoon and early evening. That way, I can sleep late and go out with my girlfriends at night.” Julie is a blonde who is pictured online aboard a motorcycle.


Marie is a stunning 22 year old, also from Braintree (one of three from that town advertising currently.) Marie, who works out in a local gym every day, has a body most women envy and men desire. Hence, her price is the highest advertised among the locals delivering service on the South Shore. Marie charges $250 for an “unhurried” hour. Meanwhile, when reached at her home, she was pre-booked for a week.


“Red” is a 35 year old divorced mother of two who works a few times a week “to make ends meet.” The Weymouth redhead says she’d rather work a “real” job—with health insurance—than what she’s doing. “I know the men like to come over, but my children are getting older, and I need to think of something else to do.” When it was suggested she might want to attend school, she says she may attend “massage” school and go “legit.”


One Bridgewater woman, who would not even give out a nickname, has the strangest ad I’ve come across. The obese (BBW in her ad) middle-aged woman was advertising for “foot fetish sessions.” She leaves the “donation” up to each client. This married women does this on weekends. “I have cute size eights. I can do nylons, heels, or smelly feet, whatever they like.” I cannot even imagine her clientele, but she tells me there’s “no shortage of customers.”


Online, money is never mentioned. They ask for “roses” or “kisses”, with each one equating to a dollar. As Sally from Wareham told the Web, “Business is good. There is no shortage of men who seek attention. For an hour, I make them feel special. I think I am providing an important service.” Sally used to work for a utility company, but got laid off. “I had a rent bill each month, and, despite my size, I like to dress sexy. It costs me money for maintenance,” she giggled.


The IRS is definitely losing a lot of money not collecting their share of the huge dollars being tossed around. As for law enforcement, they don’t hold “victimless” crime as a priority, but one local police chief, who spoke off the record, told the Web that, “we would pursue anyone breaking the law, and these women are doing just that. If we get complaints from neighbors of a high traffic count in an apartment or home, we will investigate. And, we’ve sent our men undercover in the past.”


Within the past few years, a swinger’s club was broken up in Avon, a gay sex party location across from an elementary school in Brockton was shut down, and a man died in Quincy from a “dungeon” session. So, literally anybody could be the escort among us.


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